Community Sexual Assault Programs

Through a contract with the State of Washington Office of Crime Victims Advocacy, Northwest Resource Associates provides independent accreditation reviews by which an agency can be acknowledged as a Community Sexual Assault Program (CSAP).

Accreditation as a CSAP is based on standards of performance for accountability, services, quality assurance, prevention and community recognition. Through the accreditation system, victims of sexual assault throughout the state can be assured of the same quality of services, regardless of their location. By law, only accredited CSAPs can receive funding from the State of Washington to provide services for these victims.

Every four years Community Sexual Assault Programs participate in a rigorous review of their policies, practices, staff and volunteer training, record-keeping, and governance. Failure to earn a passing score results in either a provisional accreditation, with an accompanying timetable for correcting deficiencies, or the loss of accreditation status entirely.

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