Our Comitment to Quality

We will demonstrate our spirit of friendly client service by providing helpful and responsive assistance in a caring and considerate manner.

Honesty — We will be fair and honest in our relations with clients, striving to achieve the highest level of integrity and trustworthiness.

Respect — We will be respectful, courteous, and understanding of our clients' needs and will always treat them as we would want to be treated.

Dedication — We will hold ourselves accountable to ensure that services are provided to the best of our ability in a responsible, dependable, and timely manner.

Professionalism — We will strive to demonstrate competency, knowledge, and efficiency in our jobs that exceeds the expectations of our clients, both internal and external.

Discretion — We will, at all times, respect the confidential nature of our communications with clients and will disclose their information only to those authorized to receive it.

Positive Attitude — Our commitment to superior service encompasses all of the ways we interact with clients: in-person, telephone, email, and written communication.

If a client has a complaint, we want to hear about it. We take seriously every allegation of misconduct, poor practice, denial of service, or violation of a client's rights by our personnel. If a client has a complaint that cannot be resolved informally with the staff member involved, or with local office management, there is a grievance procedure which the client may access. The grievance procedure is a formal way to ensure that the complaint is considered at higher levels.